HIGHLY ELECTRIC CO. was established in the year of 1974, building up the industrial switches manufacturer foundation from water tank pressure switch manufacturing. In the beginning, Highly Switches was dedicated to develop switches such as door limit switch for the industrial field, then became a professional industrial switches manufacturer. In 1994, Highly set up a team to develop an electronic LED switch for the foreseeable market demand. As a leader of industrial switch manufacturers, Highly's creative idea not only awaken market demand but also stimulate crowded concentration in this field. Business scope covering electronic equipment, computer peripheral, tele-communication, home appliance, medical equipment, industrial equipment, auto parts, and so on, Highly is fully involved and complied with high-quality policy with certified ISO9001 & ISO14001. Highly's products including illuminated switch, safety limit switch, micro switch, IP67 waterproof switch, toggle switch, rocker switch, and customized switch are all with certified quality approval and earn customer's admiration. " We must be ready today for tomorrow " that's Highly's vision all about. Focusing on the field of manufacturing and service, Highly Electric Co. is dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge technology products. Keeping an open mind to explore switch technology from worldwide to develop innovative products. HIGHLY's top management is giving full support to develop and upgrade product technology that covering consumer electronic field, safety industry, transportation field. Based on the concept of teamwork-oriented, HIGHLY Electric Co. is committed to offering value-added products, to make the best better, to make our customers successful, to achieve a win-win policy. Want to be better than the best? Contact us!


HIGHLY ELECTRIC CO. is a professional industrial switches manufacturer. As one of the entrepreneurs in the global village, we commit to protecting the environment by the following policies:

  • Pursue continuous improvement to reach the target of green environment :
    from every stage of product development, we dedicate to figure out the latest environmental technology and integrate environmental material to execute energy saving and carbon reduction
  • Pursue continuous innovation to reach the target of green environment :
    offer state-of-the-art products to customers under the goal of a green environment.
  • Customer orientation :
    our vision is to be the best business partnership of every customer, our vision is to be the best follower of government’s regulations, our vision is to be the best working environment for every worker who works for HIGHLY


Company founded at Lung-Chiang Rd., Taipei. to produce Pressure Switch, which was used in motor of water tower.


Developed type V Precision Switch


Developed type Z General Purpose Basic Switch


Developed type ZE General Purpose Enclosed Switch


Obtained UL approval for type Z General Purpose Basic Switch


Established Chung-Ho Plant, and developed type AH Limit Switch


Developed type SS Subminiature Basic Switch


Developed Proximity Switch


Founded Guang Zhou Plant and developed Rocker Switch


Developed Push Button Switch


Developed Illuminated Switch


Obtained DNV ISO9002 certificate for Taiwan Plant


Developed type EK Safety Door Switch


Obtained TUV ISO9002 certificate for China Plant


Moved Taipei Office to Chung-Ho City


Develop 5-selector switch for PDA and cellphone, Guang Zhou plant approved with certified ISO9001-2000


Chung Ho Plant approved with certified ISO9001:2000(UKAS)


Guang Zhou Plant approved with certified ISO14001(UKAS)、Chung Ho Plant implemented ISO14001 system


Established factory plant in Guang-Xi, China


Lab qualified for UL WTDP (for UL 61058-1 switches appliances)


GDeveloped EFM series of safety switch and SR series of water-proof micro switch


EDeveloped EP series of safety switch


Developed patented new illuminated switch

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