Management Team

Management Team





R&D Department

R & D advantages
• Possess experienced and professional R&D team.
• Own professional instruments and equipments to maintain quality product in a higher lever.
• Detail product testing verification and technical files.
• Offer customers about product design and technical consultant.




Possess experienced and professional R&D team



Professional Instruments and Equipments


Main design equipment Auto Cad, Solid Works
Measurement equipment orce analyzer, Video Measuring System, Profile Projectors, Stereomicroscope, Vertical tensile tester,micrometer, Height gauge, Caliper, Torsion testing machine etc.
Verification equipment Hi-pot & I.R.tester, Micro-ohmmeter, Temper-ature Gauge...etc.
Imitation test equipment AC endurance test Machine, DC endurance test Machine, Programmable Temp. &Humi. Chamber, Lamp load testing machine withUL approved.
Life test equipment Mechanical reliability testing machine, Spring endurance tester IP X7 tester, Impact test unit, Transit time tester
Surrounding imitation equipment Temperature& Humidity Chamber machine,Low-frequency vibration test machine,salt spray tester,Vibration tester ,Tin stove etc.



"vertical integration" competence

OEM, ODM manufacturing

Style design

Housing design

Tooling design and development

sample, mock-up

Injection & processing



Core Technology Competence

LED dynamic application linkage switch button with LED to simplify switch structure and reduce the volume, instead of LED static application, LED can actuate the switch contact directly
LED chip Mount with Switch base LED chip mounting into switch base can be lighted directly, to simplify switch structure and reduce the volume.
Metal dome SPDT switch contact technology Instead of traditional push on function of metal dome, change over function is added into metal dome.
Low resistance rubber dome Combination metal contact blade with Rubber dome manufacturing process, developing low resistance long travelling switch and good contact performance.
Positive opening safety switch If metal deposition between mating contact occurs on the NC contact side, they can be pulled apart by the shearing force and tensile force generated when the safety cam or plunger engages the movable contact blade. When the safety cam or plunger is move in the direction of the black arrow the limit switch releases.
613 double layer switch 2 sets of illuminated switch with locked function designed and positioned in tiny space to achieve 4 contact terminals, to reduce the occupied size on PCBA board.



Quality & Assurance

Quality & Assurance
• Possess many professional instruments with the use of statistical analysis to achieve ongoing improvement of the products
• Maintain "the continuous improvement, progress and innovation" of quality spirit, we got ISO 9001 quality certification
• Many items pass through European and UL certification

Quality & Environmental policy

HIGHLY ELECTRIC CO. is a professional switch manufacturer. As one of the entrepreneur in the global village, we commit to protect environment by the following policies: 

• Pursue continuous improvement to reach target of green environment: from every stage of product development, we dedicate to figure out the latest environmental technology and integrate environmental material to execute energy saving and carbon reduction

• Pursue continuous innovation to reach target of green environment: offer state-of-the-art products to customers under the goal of green environment

• Customer orientation: our vision is to be the best business partnership of every customer, our vision is to be the best follower of government’s regulations, our vision is to be the best working environment for every worker who work for HIGHLY  

Declaration of Non-use Conflict Minerals
Material Procurement Policy in Highly Electric Co., Ltd. 
As a good corporate citizen, Company shall bear its social responsibility, respect the human rights, pay close attention to conflict minerals issues continuously. Company hereby makes following commitments:

• Making efforts to examine its supply chain with diligence to assure the metals sources of, including but not limited to, gold (Au), tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), and tungsten (W), and which are not gotten from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries

• Request its suppliers to notify their upstream suppliers of such requirements


QA Team



Professional Instruments and Equipments

Equipment Function Quantity
AC endurance test Machine For AC rating endurance test (UL61058 / UL 1054) 2
DC endurance test Machine For DC rating endurance test (UL61058 / UL 1054) 2
Programmable Temp. & Humi. Chamber Simulate high-temperature environment and low-temperature environment on the switch 1
salt spray tester salt spray test 1
Low-frequency vibration test machine Simulation of transport environmental vibration test 1
Mechanical reliability testing machine Mechanical reliability test 11
IP X7 tester For IPX7 test 1
Lamp load testing machine Load test 1
Transit time tester Test for contact bounce and transit time 1
Spring endurance tester life circle test for spring 3
Impact test unit Materials & Institutions strength verification testing 2
Tin stove The Weldability & Resistance to soldering heat test 1
Force analyzer Operating force of switch and trip characteristics of the measurement 2
Video Measuring System dimension measurement 2
Micro Vickers hardness tester Material hardness testing 1
Micro-ohmmeter Contact resistance test 4
Hi-pot & I.R.tester Hi-pot and I.R.test 2
Oscilloscope Test for contact bounce 1
Vertical tensile tester Vertical tensile test 1
Digitizing height gauge Dimension measurement 2
Torsion testing machine Torsion measurement 1
Stereomicroscope Visual inspection 3



Manufacturing Marketing Advantage

• Invest computerized productive management system
• Maintain robust supplier management function
• Own desirable plant environmental control and management
• Possess professional human resource and work discipline
• Insist on quality in order to provide the high competition for our customers
• Offer annual product developing investment in order to meet customers requirement
• Provide R&D and manufacturing capabilities so that we can obtain long term cooperation opportunity of OEM & ODM projects


Vertical intergration
Engineering service
ODM/OEM Manufacturing
New product development procedure
UL certified laboratory
Man-machine interface
Precise test equipment
Quality Assurance department



Sales & Marketing

on quality in order to provide the high competition for our customers


Insist on quality in order to provide the high competition for our customers