Safety Limit Switch

Safety Limit Switch

Model:ED series
Feature :
• Conforms to EN (TUV) standards corresponding to the CE marking
• Positive opening operation of NC (Normally Closed) contacts conforming to
IEC /EN 60947-5-1
• Double insulation makes ground terminal unnecessary
(Bears marking)
• Wide standard operating temperature range: -25° C to 80° C
• Full range of actuator heads and levers suitable for safety applications
• Sealing up to IP 67
• Wide switch variations, (Snap action and slow action basic switches)
• International conduit sizes
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The ED series safety limit switches conform to EN 50047 and have been developed to provide a range of options including plastic cases in various sizes, a choice of snap acting, slow break/make with 2 contact configurations and a choice of actuator heads.
The ED series offers the option of rotating the head in 90° increments before installation to allow ease of mounting. Highly limit switches can be used in other applications other than guard doors, for example on moving machine beds, crane arms, lifts, elevators, etc.
Operation of these limit switches is achieved by the sliding action of the guard or other moving object deflecting the plunger or lever.
For safety applications it is important that upon actuation, the guard or other moving objects should not pass completely over the switch and allow the plunger or lever to return to its original position.



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Operating Characteristics
Actuator Type ED-□-□-20 Roller Arm

Actuator Type ED-□-□-21 Adjustable Roller

Actuator Type ED-□-□-25 Rod Leve

Actuator Type ED-□-□-24 Thermoplastic End Flexible Road

Actuator Type ED-□-□-241 Cat Whisker

Actuator Type ED-□-□-242 Wobble Stick

Actuator Type ED-□-□-27 Ajdustable Roller

Actuator Type ED-□-□-31 Push Plun

Actuator Type ED-□-□-32 Roller Plunger 

Actuator Type ED-□-□-62 Roller Le

Actuator Type ED-□-□-63 One-Way Roller Arm L

Actuator Type ED-□-□-22 Adjustable Roller Arm Long Arm

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