Model:WS Series
Feature :
• Diameter M18 x1mm
• Supply voltage 12-30 VDC.
• Short circuit protected
• Conforming to IP66
• Fast response
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Item Standards
Supply Voltage DC10~30V, Ripple (P---P):10% Max
Current Consumption 40 mA. Max
Max Output Current 100 mA. Max
Response Time; Switching Frequency Less Than 3.0 mS (ON+OFF); 333 Hz
Circuit Protection 1. Output Over Current Protection
2. Reverse - Polarity Protected
3. Interference Suppression
Output Type NPN or PNP Open Collector
Operation Mode Light-On, Dark-On Selectable by Control Cable (White)
Indicator Yellow LED on, When Light is Received
Ambient Temperature Operating Temperature: -25°C ~55°C
Protection Degree IP66
Extraneous Light Immunity Lamplight: 3000Lux;
Sunlight: 10000 Lux Max
Adjustable Sensitivity YES—By Potentiometer
Cable Length: 2M, Material: PVC, Color: Gray


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Operating Characteristics
Unit: mm
WS Series

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