Model:K MARK Series
Feature :
• The sensors can accurately detect colors by light source, be able to detect subtle color difference.

Used application :
• Vertical packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, bag making machine, slitting machine, printing machine.
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Item Standard
Operating Voltage 12-30 VDC
Sensing Distance 8mm or 12mm ± 10%,Selectable
Current Consumption ≦ 40mA
Power on Reset Time 20ms
Response Time 0.25mS for KH Series
1mS for KS Series
Circuit Protection Output short circuit.
Reverse polarity of supply voltage.
Max. Load Current 120mA
Sealing Conforming to IP65 (IEC).
Cable Length 2 meter.
Extraneous Light: Sunlight 100,000 LUX.
Extraneous Light: Lamplight 10,000 LUX.
Output Indicator Two output terminals selectable for Light-on and Dark-on.
Light Source Red LED, Blue LED, White LED, Green LED


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