Snap Action Switch/Micro Switch

Model:DH Series
Feature :
• Ultra small type, light weight
• Terminals are insert molded against flux penetration during soldering.
• Good feeling and more levers are applied.

Applications :
Operating in all types of electronic equipment such as applicances, audio, mouse, office, equipment, communications apparatus, etc.
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Rating 3A 125V AC or 1A 250V AC
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min.(DC 500V)
Dielectric Strength AC 500V (50/60Hz for 1 minute)
Contact Resistance 50mΩ max. (initial)
Electrically Life 30,000 cycle


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Operating Characteristics

Item No.   |   Dimensions

Unit: mm
Operating Characteristics
OF max 150g.
RF min 20g
PT max. 0.5 mm
OT min. 0.25 mm
MD max. 0.12 mm
OP - 5.5±0.3 mm


Item No.   |   Dimensions

Unit: mm
Operating Characteristics
OF max 80g.
RF min 5g
PT max. -
OT min. 0.55 mm
MD max. 0.5 mm
OP - 6.8±1.5 mm

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